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a window of opportunity foundation, a chapter 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged h.i.s.d. high school students accomplish their dreams of obtaining a college education.  the foundation encourages at risk students to complete high school and offers them access to a college education.  to accomplish its mission the foundation established two educational programs:



the academic incentive award program focuses on students who may temporarily lack motivation but have the potential to succeed.  the program helps build confidence in the students by rewarding students who show marked academic improvement.  if students meet this criteria they are awarded a certificate and a medal at the end of the school year. the program is available for 10th grade students and higher; and


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the college scholarship program awards $4,000.00 scholarships payable at $500.00 a semester, for 8 consecutive semesters to deserving seniors.  none of these key programs, however, would be possible without the support of people like you.  fundraising programs, such as the window of opportunity gala and polo event held each year during the month of november, allow us to award scholarships to many deserving students.  additional revenues are needed for the many qualified applicants that the foundation cannot help due to lack of funds.  you can learn more about helping these deserving students by visiting our sponsor a student pagesponsorships can be made for as little as $10. 




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with your support we can help those students accomplish their dreams of attending college.
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what officials are saying...



what our students are saying...




"i commend your philanthropic efforts and your commitment to make a difference.  through your provision of incentive awards and scholarships, you are highlighting to all texans across our great land the importance of stepping up to the plate of tomorrow's texas.  you are helping to blaze an unquestionable trail of success and all texans owe you an overwhelming debt of gratitude."


rick perry,

governor of texas - 

october 1st 2001 to 2014



      "i would like to speak to discouraged students who say they do not have the financial resources to go to college.  i would tell them of how i was in that position when i was in high school but thanks to very charitable and benefactor individuals i was able to attend the university of houston. i am very grateful to the window of opportunity foundation for having helped me in fulfilling one of my dreams, and that was to attend a university.  thank you very much."


amada d.

graduated with a mechanical engineering degree
university of houston 







"i applaud the important contributions the window of opportunity foundation has made to the houston community since 1996.  you are impacting the lives and livelihoods of generations of students and their families. i encourage you to move forward with courage in your quest to see that children have the opportunity to realize their dreams of a college education, and i look forward to working with you and your fine group for many years to come."


carole keeton strayhorn

texas comptroller

august 23, 2005


        "an engineer's primary function in society is to find solutions to problems that world faces and make the world a better place to live.  that is exactly how i intend to contribute to my community.  i want to let you know that i am truly grateful for all your help; you are definitely part of my success.  thank you very much!


jeng c.
graduated with a computer engineering degree
university of texas at austin







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a window of opportunity foundation

established june 1st 1996

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